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Best Places to Visit in Feldkirch, Austria

Feldkirch, Austria. Have you heard of it? It’s a destination not on many people’s radar, but one that should be as I discovered on a recent visit. The charming medieval town in the mountainous state of Vorarlberg is surrounded by high cliffs and lush alpine forests. Located in Austria’s westernmost state the small historic city has much to offer and is a great addition to any itinerary.

Best things to do in Bregenzerwald, Austria -Feldkirch

From well preserved medieval buildings to narrow cobblestoned streets to lose yourself in, it’s easy to while away time. There is even a white hilltop castle overlooking the city to add to its beauty. If you ever find yourself in this part of Austria, here are some of the best places to visit in Feldkirch.

Things to do in FeldKirch

Schattenburg castle

Best things to do in Bregenzerwald, Austria - Feldkirch Schattenburg Castle

Nestled against the backdrop of the mountains, Feldkirch stands in the shadow of Schattenburg Castle. A city landmark the mighty fortress was constructed in the early 1200s and the seat of the Earls of Montfort. After the Montforts, it was ruled by the Bregenz and the Habsburgs reined until the late 1700s. Today, it is a well-preserved museum with 18 rooms showcasing the local history and architecture. Head to the restaurant on a visit and be treated to some great views of the city.

Feldkirch Old Town

Feldkirch was once a fortified town and a stroll through the old town will reveal some real medieval gems. Wander past beautiful facades showcasing the best in Austrian architecture and quaint shops. One of the best ways to see the city is via a themed walking tour. The actors dressed as historical figures bring Feldkirch’s stories from years gone alive. Countess Mechtild von Montfort led our tour through the historical streets and it was a wonderfully immersive way to see another side of the city.

There are a range of themed tours on offer – go with the night watchman who offers schnapps during the tour or the smugglers who reveal all the secret plans, forbidden crossings at the Feldkirch’s borders plus many more. There are a range of themed tours on offer – go with the night watchman who offers schnapps during the tour or the smugglers who reveal all the secret plans, forbidden crossings at the Feldkirch’s borders plus many more. Check out all the tours at Stadt Feldkirch for a fascinating insight into the city. Prices start from 14.50 Euros.


A popular destination in Feldkirch is the picturesque Marktgasse or Market Street. It’s been the main market area since the Middle Ages. The wide pedestrian cobblestoned street is awash with activity on market days with stalls selling food, flowers, clothes, ornaments and more. Marktgasse is also where the famous Christmas Markets are delivering all things festive.

Best things to do in Feldkirch, Austria - Marktgasse

On both sides of Marktgasse through the arches are a number of cafes and restaurants, so the perfect spot for a bite to eat or people watching. Any James Bond fans out there may also be interested to know that in the 2008 Quantum of Solace, James Bond pursued a villain through Marktgasse. Popular with the film directors too!

Dom St. Nikolaus

Best things to do in Feldkirch, Austria - Dom St. Nikolaus
Photo credit: Katholische Kirche on Creative Commons

Built-in the 13th century with Roman architecture, Dom St. Nikolaus is Vorarlberg’s largest Catholic cathedral. Unfortunately, the church was damaged in numerous fires and finally rebuilt in 1478. It’s easy to spot in the city landscape by its slender green spire and light coloured exterior. Walk inside into a cavernous space embellished with late-Gothic features and spectacular stained glass. Worth making time to pop in a see the beauty of the cathedral.


The curving stone and glass cultural centre in the medieval city was designed by architects Hascher Jehle and Mitiska Wager and is used to host events, concerts and theatre productions in Feldkirch. It also houses the tourist information centre so is open to the public throughout the day.

Best things to do in Feldkirch, Austria - Montforthaus

Contemporary in design, Montforthaus complements the surrounding old cityscape. Visitors interested in modern design can book a guided tour of the impressive building for a behind the scenes look. Tours last an hour and can be booked in advance on the Montforthaus website. Another way to experience the facility is the cafe on the top floor. It’s well worth a visit, sit back and enjoy refreshments with a rooftop view of Feldkirch.


This 40-metre tower is another landmark on the tourist trail. Part of the old fortifications of Feldkirch the Katzenturm or Cats Tower was later converted to a bell tower in 1665. The name comes not from an association with cats but from being a store for special cannons called Cats decorated with lions heads.

Best things to do in Feldkirch, Austria - Katzenturm
Photo credit: Davis Kjavins on Creative Commons

It’s also home to Vorarlberg’s largest bell and the 6th largest in the whole of Austria. Weighing in at around 8.5 tons, you can hear the gargantuan bell ring every Friday at 3 pm.

Wildpark Feldkirch

Best things to do in Feldkirch, Austria - Wolves at Wildpark Feldkirch
Photo credit: Floppi77 on Creative Commons

The Wildpark Feldkirch is a family-friendly outdoor space on the grounds of the Erholungswald Park/ Stroll through the wilderness and see alpine wildlife close up from local deer, beavers, alpine ibex, wolves and birds of all kinds. There are also well-signposted nature trails and guided forest tours with incredible scenery of the snow-capped mountains as a backdrop. With an adventure park for kids, a play area, picnic grounds and a restaurant the wildlife park is the perfect day out in the city. Entrance to the park is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Where is Feldkirch?

Best things to do in Feldkirch, Austria

Feldkirch shares a border with Liechtenstein and Switzerland and is also very close to Lake Constance and Bavaria. Located at the foot of the Alps, the city lies on the River IIe which runs into the Rhein Valley. For visitors, it’s a great base to explore the region of Vorarlberg and surrounding countries.

Best Time To Visit Feldkirch

Best things to do in Feldkirch, Austria

Due to its proximity to the Alps, Feldkirch is a popular winter destination. The snow-filled slopes attract keen skiers and winter sports enthusiasts. Along with the wonderful Feldkirch Christmas Markets, it’s a magical time to visit the city.

The spring and summer months brings wild-flower filled meadows and opens up the nearby hiking trails. July – August is when you will find the warmest weather and also the peak season prices similar to winter.

If you want to avoid the crowds and the hike in prices, autumn is a great time to travel. The surrounding forests explode in technicolour of reds, yellows and oranges for a spectacular sight.

Ready to Visit Feldkirch in Vorarlberg, Austria?

Feldkirch is a quaint beautiful city in the region on Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg, making it the perfect place to explore whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner or with kids in tow. Enjoy the history of the city as you wander through the charming streets, admire the architecture and discover the nature and wildlife on its doorstep. If reading this has piqued your interest in the region take a read of the best things to do in Bregenzerwald. It’s filled with more incredible experiences and amazing places to visit. To help with planning, use my travel toolkit below to ensure you are ready for your adventure.

For more information please visit Vorarlberg Tourism and Bregenzerwald Tourism.

Travel Toolkit to help plan your trip


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